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Two Hour Dog Sledding Experience

Quick Details

Weekdays Per Sled (Up to 2 Adult Guests or 1 Adult & 2 Small Children
Weekends & Holidays Per Sled (Up to 2 Adult Guests or 1 Adult & 2 Small Children

Dash through stunning winter landscapes with our expert guides and energetic huskies in Maine.

Go deeper into the Maine Wilderness!

After checking in at our Gift Shop, meet the Pack and your Guide while we harness and get ready to run! Then onto the snowy trails and into the woods for the Ultimate Dog Sledding Experience! This Experience includes 15 minutes at the end of your tour to pet the sled dogs and say goodbye. Afterward step inside to warm up and enjoy complimentary Hot Cocoa, Coffee, and Tea!

There are more Sled Dogs indoors waiting for you to say Hi! They’ll be expecting head pats, belly rubs and butt scritches. Feel free to offer them treats, take pictures, and stay as long as you like!

This Experience includes a 10 minute break halfway through for Guests to exit the sled, stretch their legs, and take photos with the sled and sled dogs if they would like to do so.