Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the dogs like to run?

Sled dogs love to run! It's an instinctive breed-specific behavior just like Springers love to flush and hunt, Retrievers love to fetch, and Collies drive cattle or sheep. We never make our dogs run, and in the very rare occasion one of our pack doesn't enjoy it we find them a happy home as a family pet.

How many guests can ride in one sled?

Each of our sleds comfortably seats 2 Adult guests with a combined weight limit of 400 lbs.

Isn't it cold?

Not really, Each of our sleds is rigged with a sled bag. A wind proof, zip-up bag our Guests sit inside that protects them from the elements. We also have soft, cozy blankets for you to wrap up in, and thick comfortable cushions for you to sit on.

Is there a place to stay in the area?

We highly recommend staying with the Wolf Cove Inn. It's a cozy, lacke-side B&B located about 20 minutes away from our trails.
To find out more, please visit their website:
There is also a local Hampton Inn as well as The Poland Springs Resort in the neighboring town of Poland where the famous lead dog Togo retired!

Do you tip the guide?

Guides are the unsung heroes of the travel business. They are storytellers, teachers, and skilled athletes with a true passion for sharing what they love. Tipping is customary to show your guide you appreciated and enjoyed what they brought to your experience. 15%-20% is standard.

Can I bring my camera?

Absolutely! You'll want memories to share and there are great photo opportunities!

What should I wear?

- Layers!
-Winter Boots
-Wool Socks
-Winter Hat
-Gloves or Mittens
-Neck Warmer or Scarf
-Winter Jacket
-Snow Pants

Can we book more than one sled for the same time?

Yes! We can run up to 5 sleds at a time!

What is your refund policy?

Our tours directly support our Dogs. They help to feed, house, and care for the dogs that run as well as their retired companions who live out the rest of their days with us. A canceled tour without adequate notice can impact the circumstances and quality of care of our dogs. Please understand that their well-being is our top priority!

With 7 days notice or more, a full refund will be issued.
Within one week and up to 48 hours before your tour, no cancellations will be accepted. You may rebook your tour or a Gift Card will be issued.
There is a 100% charge for tours canceled within 48 hours. Late arrivals or missed tours will be charged in full.

Bookings of 3 sleds or more:
There is a 100% charge for cancellations within 7 days of your tour or for missed tours. Late arrivals or missed tours will be charged in full.

Why are there two locations? Where is my Tour?

Our trails are located in the neighboring town of Hebron at 911 Station Road. This is where your Tour will be. Our Oxford location is Home to our Kennel.

What if the Weather is bad?

We run in the snow, rain, and cold weather. Refunds will not be issued in the event of inclement weather. A list of what to wear and bring is provided in our confirmation emails. Guests are encouraged to prepare accordingly. We reserve the right to cancel tours if we deem the elements to be unsafe or unfit for the sled dogs, staff, or guests. This includes but is not limited to extreme cold, unsafe trail conditions, and/or lack of snow. Guests will be issued a full refund or may reschedule their tour if they choose.

Do you have age requirements?

We do not have any age restrictions! We have had infants as young as 6 months and adults as old as 93 years!

What kind of Dogs do you have?

Our Sled dogs are mostly Alaskan Huskies with some Eurohounds, Siberian Huskies, and a few Alaskan
Amerindian Huskies. Alaskan Huskies are the most common dog utilized in the world of dog sledding. They have quick, efficient gaits and remarkable strength for their size! Alaskan Huskies are not bred for their appearances like their relatives the Siberian Huskies, their size, eye color, and coat color, and length can vary from dog to dog. Learn more about the most commonly used breeds of sled dogs here on Wikipedia:

Where do you get your dogs?

While some of our dogs come to us as rescues or second-chance dogs, many of them have a family line that can be traced back up to 8 Generations started by my Father's sled dogs! This line of Dogs has been with my family for the past 36 years!

What is a second chance dog?

Our second-chancers come to us for many reasons. They have working dog backgrounds but their owner can no longer care for them or their Kennel has closed or downsized. Many of them come to us as sprint dogs that weren't fast enough to make the team and need a new 'Furr-ever' home.

Do you adopt out any dogs?

Not really. Our Dogs are our Family, they happily retire and live out the rest of their days here with us. We have a Geriatric specific Kennel where they spend their days lazing in the sun and rolling in the snow! We have in the past adopted out a few younger dogs that did not have much interest in dog sledding, they are now therapy dogs or family pets.

Can I bring treats for the dogs?

Absolutely! Our dogs love treats and chewies! Some of their favorites are from the Brand 'Full Moon'.
They especially love chicken jerky, but enjoy most anything meat flavored.

What do the dogs eat?

The old saying "You are what you eat" applies to our dogs in the same ways as it does for ourselves. Better quality foods made with better quality ingredients provide a better quality of life.
Our pack eats the best High Performance dog kibble available! Caribou Creek Gold in our running season and Caribou Creek Silver in the off season.
Caribou Creek is a small family run company in Michigan that dog sleds as well! Made in small batches Caribou Creek was formulated by Mushers for Mushers!
Most of what are called "performance" diets are labeled at 30% protein and 20% fat. Caribou Creek Gold is 37% Protein and 25% fat!

Our dogs also have a raw meat diet consisting of Beef Heart, Chicken, and Chicken Heart. We make an 800 mile round trip several times a month to New York for our Beef, and the same truck that delivers Chicken to your local grocery store stops here and delivers to us on their way by! We have an entire walk-in freezer devoted to their raw meat diet, and at $77 a bag for kibble, sometimes we think they eat better than we do!