The Sled Dogs

The spirit of these amazing animal athletes will touch your heart.

Our sled dogs are mostly Alaskan Husky, with a small percentage of German Shorthaired Pointer mixed in. They were all bred to race, and were hand-raised since birth. Their favorite activity is providing sled dog tours! They love to meet new people, and will be exceptionally excited to see you, so be prepared for some husky kisses! And wait until you see how much they love to run. It will take your breath away.

Our Trails

Nestled in Maine’s Western Mountains

Our kennel base is in Oxford, Maine, just across from the new Oxford Casino. Our trails are snowmobiling trails in Hebron, Casco and Bethel, Maine. Most are well-groomed trails maintained by the local snowmobile clubs. As you’ll see in our local travel guide, you will enjoy the serene beauty of the Maine forests. Riding over the trails with only the sound of the sled runners gliding across the snow – it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Planning a dog sled tour during your next Maine vacation will be a truly unique experience!

 Alex Therriault

Alex Therriault

Born to run dogs

Alex began dog sled racing (with one dog) at only 3 years old, and has never looked back. His father raced professionally before Alex was born, and the family has maintained a sled dog kennel of 20-40 racing dogs since 1987.
Among his many trophies, Alex holds a Silver Medal from the International Sled Dog Racing Association, Maine State Championships: 6 dog (4 years running), 8 dog (2 years), and Unlimited class (1 year). He came in 4th in the World Championships in Laconia, New Hampshire in 2011 and has also received the 6 dog season trophy from the New England Sled Dog Club. He has placed in the top 10 racers in North America for several years, and actively races each year all through New England and Canada.
Alex is looking forward to sharing with you the beauty and excitement of his favorite sport.